Product Search Tips for

Get the most precise results with every product search!

Our Search Bar gives you the ability to look for anything you need! In order to get the most accurate results, here are some tips you can use when searching on

  1. Search by SKU, model number, category, or brand to get specific results.
  2. Brand and product type will help filter your results page. Ex: "Vollrath ladle", "GMP popcorn machine", "Chef's supreme container", etc.
  3. Try using industry terms such as false bottom, shotgun pan, or flat top.
  4. Searching with 2-3 words is the sweet spot! Being too vague will return too many results and being too specific will severely limit your options. Example: Mercer Chefwear, Mercer chef shirt, Medium chef coat.
  5. On your desktop, at the bottom left of the search suggestions, try refining by category on different products with similar names. Terms like "griddle", "cups", and "slicer" can mean many things; this feature will give you the best matches.
  6. Hover your mouse over the suggested terms when searching to get different previews before hitting enter. This may help you find alternative search words and products.